Judgement Kazzy of the Yakuza series graces the wasteland as a free, cosmetic skin for Kenshiro in Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise. The Kazama Kiryu skin will be available for a limited time only; October 2, 2018 (which is the game’s launch date) through October 15, 2018. 

This DLC skin comes fully equipped with Kiryu Kazama’s smooth voice as well, at least with the Japanese dub that is. Now Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise is truly bordering on being an apocalyptic Yakuza game (if it wasn’t already) with my man Kiryu in the mix. Especially seeing how the gameplay is under the same vein as the Yakuza series and is produced by the very same team, Ryu ga Gotoku Studio. 

This crossover DLC is a nice, little incentive to grab the game early upon its upcoming worldwide release slated for October 2nd, 2018 on PlayStation 4.

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