There’s a mystery of comedic proportions afoot in the first official trailer for Holmes and Watson.

The upcoming comedy, which sees actors Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly playing iconic detectives Sherlock Holmes and John Watson respectively, recently dropped its first official trailer for the film. The picture looks to be a humorous take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic stories of the legendary detective duo.

Also starring in the movie will be Rebecca Hall, Kelly McDonald, Hugh Laurie, and Ralph Fiennes as Professor Moriarty. The trailer shows the iconic pair solving mysteries and getting into classic Farrell and Reilly shenanigans. The main plot of the picture appears to focus on solving a murder at Buckingham palace that’s been executed by Holmes’s greatest arch enemy: Professor James Moriarty.     

The movie is written and directed by Etan Cohen, who previously directed Get Hard, a 2015 comedy which also starred Ferrell. Adam McKay, Jimmy Miller, Clayton Townsend, and Will Ferrell will serve as producers for the picture, while Columbia Pictures will serve as the distributors.

Holmes and Watson is set to hit theaters on Christmas day, 2018.    

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