If you’re like me, and you love the Ace Attorney franchise (and if you don’t, shame on you!), you’ve been patiently waiting for Capcom to fulfill their promise about bringing the series to the Nintendo Switch. This statement was made earlier this year, and was said to be coming alongside two “compilation” games featuring the first six titles of the main franchise. However, since that proclamation, it’s been radio silence from Capcom. That is, until now.

For Capcom has made a post saying that at the Tokyo Game Show there will be a panel focused solely on Ace Attorney, and it will be something that is “unmissable for Ace Attorney fans”.

This seems to indicate that they’re going to be showing off, or at least teasing the next game in the saga, likely the one that is coming to the Nintendo Switch. But since they’re keeping so mum about this, it’s hard to say.

The last main title, “Spirit Of Justice” ended on one heck of a cliffhanger, as Apollo Justice left the Wright law office and stayed in his homeland of Khura’in, and just after that, him and Trucy (Phoenix Wright’s adopted daughter and Apollo’s sister unknown to him) Wright’s real mother admitted that she would reveal herself to them. So fans have been PATIENTLY waiting for the next game.

The Tokyo Game Show Ace Attorney Panel will be held on September 22nd.

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