The beloved arcade classic, Windjammers, which featured gameplay akin to an extreme version of air hockey is receiving a sequel. Carrying the torch for high-octane frisbee action will be left to DotEmu’s Windjammers 2. This upcoming title will be releasing sometime in 2019 on both the Nintendo Switch and PC.  

Windjammers 2 will boast fresh additions across the board (or court in this instance), such as new characters, stages, and Power Moves. All of this said content will be wrapped up neatly in a hand-drawn art style while still retaining that familiar Windjammers feel.

Windjammers 2.

Windjammers 2’s brand new visuals are a departure from the original’s pixel art and animation.

 DotEmu is the development team behind Windjammers 2 and is also responsible for porting Windjammers to modern systems. The French studio’s history is deeply rooted in porting retro titles over to newer platforms. However, their track record is a bit spotty with a few ports bearing technical issues. Some of their past works have been plagued with input delay, frame skipping, or just general oddities regarding audio quality. DotEmu’s past does not necessarily dictate Windjammers 2 potential quality, but it is something to be aware of regardless.

Here’s to remaining cautiously optimistic!


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