Valve Gets into the CCG Space with Artifact

To tell the truth, collectible card games and battle royale games are becoming all the rage in 2018 – and Valve is dipping into the former with their first game in over 5 years, Artifact.

Valve, in a press release issued on Wednesday, revealed that Artifact – set in the DOTA 2 universe – will see a PC, MacOS and Linux release on November 28, 2018, for $20, with an Android and iOS version coming in 2019. And with PAX West coming at the end of the month, attendees of the event will be able to play the game – as a build will be available at the convention for all to play.

PAX West attendees will get to play against each other in a single-elimination gauntlet, and the winner will face off against a champion, although there is no information as to who that will be just yet. Valve will also be giving out some Artifact related swag, as well as two copies of the game upon its release.