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Two New Teams Are Coming To The Overwatch League

Atlanta and Guangzhou Join the League

During the pre-show for the second day of the Overwatch League Grand Finals Nate Nanzer joined the desk.  While he wasn’t specific on the details for the second season of the Overwatch League, he did have a few comments.  He said that, “”We’ll take a break tomorrow, but I think we’re going to be right back to work making sure we’re improving the League and working towards that goal where eventually teams are playing in their home markets and we have an opportunity to get together as a community on a regular basis.”  Well not a week later we’re seeing some of the efforts of this work.  Two new teams have been confirmed.  

What we all had expected for a long time has begun yesterday.  Two new teams for two new cities are confirmed for Season Two of the Overwatch League.  In a brief news post on the League Website  we learned which cities will be represented by the next two teams.  These cities are Guangzhou, China and Atlanta, Georgia.  The post explained that the Atlanta team will be owned by Cox Enterprises.  The Guangzhou team is owned by Nenking Group.  Nenking Group will also operate their team while Atlanta Esports Ventures will operate the new Atlanta team.  

Currently there is no word on what the names, colors, or logos for these new teams will be.  With rumors of other teams for the second season hanging in the air it is possible the league will wait to announce more once any other expansion teams are finalized.  With player signings right around the corner speculation can also begin on who will be representing these teams.  What is known is that these two teams will be joining one of the greatest esports leagues on the planet.