Tiny Hands Adventure Gives T-Rexes What They Deserve: Longer Arms

Tomorrow, dinosaur enthusiasts will finally be able to help one little Tyrannosaurus rex achieve his dreams. Tiny Hands Adventure is a colorful return to the joys of platforming, created by Blue Sun Studios. Borti, the PD (Player Dino) is a young, blue dinosaur, living in a place called Dinoburg. Although he loves normal dino activities, such as playing soccer and spending time with friends, he dreams of one day having longer arms. Thanks to the power of science and adventure, he can get them.

This new 3D platformer has all the essentials: running, jumping, and a neat spin-attack. Levels are shiny, new and exciting, while still maintaining a classic platformer feeling. Enemy designs make the game more immersive and relatable. Who wouldn’t want to spin-attack a giant hornet and knock it out of the sky? It’s scary!

On the whole, Tiny Hands Adventure seems to pay homage to older adventure games, such as Spyro. Levels follow the same formula: run forward, jump over obstacles, attack crates. However, each one also has its own special touch. One level requires you to dodge rolling barrels while you run. Another features a giant boulder that will surely crush you, if you don’t run as fast as possible. This extra variable makes levels exciting, while still maintaining the familiarity of normal gameplay. It’s a tried-and-true method that many gamers have grown up with. The game is also extremely colorful, which is also something of an oddity now. Many modern adventure games prefer to go with dull colors, and give an air of mystery or intimidation. Tiny Hands Adventure is having none of that.

Tiny Hands Adventure will be on Steam tomorrow, August 4th, and will later appear on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. For more information, visit their website, here.

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