Once more Timeless has made a triumphant return thanks to the tireless effort of fans. Cries for the show to make a return after its untimely cancellation rang out across social media, and apparently NBC was listening because the network has officially ordered a two-hour series finale.

The Timeless writer’s room Twitter made the announcement, which of course has been met with the elation of fans across the board. Season 2 left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions to solve and loose ends to tie up, so hopefully, the finale will bring some much-needed closure.

Veteran director John Showalter will return to the Timeless set to direct the finale after having previously directed a handful of episodes prior to the show’s cancellation. The writing of the final episode will be handled in an interesting fashion, as duties will be split up by halves. Lauren Greer is set to tackle the first half while Arika Lisanne Mittman writes the second hour. They have several episodes of experience between the two of them, and that familiarity with the show indicates a strong return.

The crew of Timeless have shown their immense gratitude across social media in the days following the announcement, clearly overjoyed by the resolve and unrelenting roar of their fans. The entirety of the main cast will make their appearance in the finale, hopefully giving audiences the conclusive ending they deserve.

The two-hour Timeless series finale will air in December, marking both the end of a short-lived show, as well as a huge victory for its dauntless fans.

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