The long adored shooter TimeSplitters may just make its triumphant and long-awaited return with recent news that THQ Nordic has acquired the rights to the franchise.

The early 2000’s smash hit was brought to life on the PlayStation 2, then expanded to the GameCube and Xbox in later installments. The games garnered a fervent fanbase and stellar critical acclaim across the board as a unique and intensely entertaining shooter. While fans have been holding out hope for years that a new game will surface we haven’t seen anything from the franchise since TimeSplitters: Future Perfect back in 2005.

However, since the very recent acquisition of the rights to the series things could very well change. THQ Nordic’s purchase of TimeSplitters opens up a world of possibilities that has fans’ minds racing. Could a reboot be next down the pipeline? How about an entirely new entry into the series? The answer to these questions are as yet unanswerable, but hopefully, more information will come to light as time passes. One thing is for sure though: THQ knows fans are watching with bated breath and eager eyes.

Another notch on their belt of purchased titles was added when they acquired the rights to Second Sight as well. Those familiar with that name know of a game that touted mechanics far beyond its time, including a host of psychokinetic powers at the player’s disposal. Its 2004 release saw critical success, but the game never achieved the rabid following TimeSplitters did. However, as the years have gone on many have realized just what Second Sight had to offer, which could be a reason for Nordic’s purchase.

Whatever their motivations, THQ Nordic now has the eyes of every living TimeSplitters fan trained on them. The ball is most certainly in their court, let’s just hope they don’t drop it.

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