Riverdale is a beautiful, crazy mess. You know it, I know it, the fans all know it and that’s why they love it. Last season’s run in with a serial killer as well as the crime family storyline may have felt like a lot, but if the new trailer for season 3 is any indication, then we haven’t even scratched the surface.

For those who don’t remember how last season ended, Archie was arrested and Betty’s dad Hal was revealed to be the Black Hood. Now, it looks like we’ll see Archie behind bars for a little while as Hiriam, father of Archie’s girlfriend Veronica, tries to get him out of the picture.


However, the trailer seems to go even further. We see strange occult imagery plaguing Betty, Jughead finding a Satanic-looking display and a naked body in the forest, the twins being held up in a creepy setting, and Archie dealing with being in jail. Definitely a lot of weirdness going on, and one has to wonder if it’s due to the upcoming horror spinoff, The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina, about the teen witch premiering on Netflix in the same month.

That’s not to say there aren’t happy moments too – we see the former Mrs. Cooper in bed with F.P. Jones, the gang in a car on a sunny day, and Kevin finally kissing someone in public (probably Moose). Still, it’s definitely looking like another intense season, and we’ll be getting another musical episode. There will also be an upcoming second spinoff, but there appear to be no clue in this trailer for what exactly that might be.

It looks like we’re in for another hell of a ride, maybe literally this time. The only question is, if the season is as dark as the trailer makes it seem, where will the go from here?

Riverdale Season 3 premieres on the CW on October 10, 2018.


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