One of the most important things that a publisher who has a console has to do is make sure that they can get games on their system. And with the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has been doing a very good job of that. As the system comes up to its 18-month anniversary, it already has a very, VERY, large library of titles, including Game of the Year winners Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. But in terms of numbers, its slowly approaching another Nintendo system…the 3DS.

This may come as a shock, as the 3DS has been around for 8 years, and has had many games put on it. But, with Nintendo’s desire to have a ton of indie games on the Nintendo Switch, and succeeding in doing that, plus adding all the 3rd party support, ports, and exclusive titles from Nintendo proper, and you end up with around 1060 games give or take at last count. In contrast, the 3DS has 125o (give or take) at last count.

Now, obviously, there is a big difference between putting games on a console and putting games on a handheld. Mainly, indie games are in much shorter supply on the 3DS compared to the Switch. But still, that’s an impressive number, and with Nintendo apparently wanting to have 30 indie games a week on the Nintendo Switch in the future, not only could the Switch shoot by the 3DS very soon, but it’ll have a large gap on it by the time both systems are done.


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