The Game Bakers add an invincible mode to Furi

Now we all can be invincible

A while ago there was a debate on if certain games should have an easy mode. Many people got involved and ultimately it was decided that easy modes just don’t belong in certain games. However, it seems that The Game Bakers weren’t told about this debate. In fact, they’ve gone the other way and have introduced an invincible mode for their boss rush title, Furi.

Yes, I said an invincible mode. Yes, just like the “iddqd” code in DOOM (1993), you’ll be able to shrug off any damage done to you. But why would someone put something like this into a game, you might be asking? Well, I can think of a few reasons. Instead, I’ll just let the devs explain since their reasoning is a bit better than mine.

Furi‘s been called difficult by many, but it’s also a game that has been praised for its visual universe, its meaningful story or its high energy soundtrack. That’s why we designed this update, to let a non hardcore audience enjoy a bit of Furi too. » said Audrey Leprince the studio co-founder. The update also proves very useful for the more hardcore crowd, giving them a set of useful commands to practice their fights.

In addition to the invincible mode, is also a new control method which will make dodging/parrying easier while you’re trying to dish out the game.

The new update is free for everyone and is available as of now. 

As for the inclusion of the new mode, I definitely agree with The Game Breakers regarding Furi. It is a tough as nails game, but the combat likely isn’t for everyone. The visuals and audio production are simply amazing and need to be experienced. We thought this in our review and still do.

Furi is available for the PS4, XboxOne, PC, and Switch. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend that you do. There’s no reason to say it’s too hard now.

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