The Tekken World Tour’s next destination along its global tourney is in Tokyo, Japan, where Tokyo Tekken Masters is soon to take place. This tournament is being held on August 18th-19th and will be acting as a Master Cup event. Meaning, the top 32 players to place at this tournament will be rewarded Ranking Points that contribute to qualifying for the Tekken World Tour Finals.

Master Cup events offer up the most Ranking Points, but the competition is fierce.

You can catch the event live by tuning into Tekken’s official Twitch channel. Which will be hosted by a fantastic group of commentators such as Jiyuna, Rip, and MarkMan. Seriously, these guys add a lot to the enjoyability of spectating these tournaments. Matches will begin at 11:00 a.m. JST; go ahead and prep your calendars with fixed times pertaining to whatever time zone you live in.

Current standings of competitors and information regarding future scheduled tournaments can be found on the Tekken World Tour website




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