Amazon Studios has revealed a longer trailer for their upcoming remake of Suspiria. Last June, Amazon revealed its first teaser for the creepy flick. Both the new film and the original focus on an American dance student who moves to Germany to attend a prestigious ballet academy. So far not so scary. However, the academy actually serves as a front for a murderous cult. So yes, more intense than Black Swan. Don’t believe me? Check out the new trailer:

Pretty spooky stuff. This trailer doesn’t give much away, which is nice. If a horror trailer reveals all its best scares, why see the film? This one plays its cards close, but still hints at horrors to come. And if this remake is anything like the original, there will certainly be some gory moments. Specifically with that hook. Luca Guadagnino, who recently directed Call Me By Your Name, directed this version, with a script by David Kajganich. It stars Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, and Mia Goth, and Chloe Grace Moretz. Jessica Harper, who starred in the original, will also appear in a minor role.

Now considered a cult classic, the original Suspiria debuted in 1977. Dario Argento directed the film, which received two Saturn Award nominations. As a homage to the original, the remake takes place in 1977. In an interview with The Guardian, Guadagnino clarified his take on the film, which he first saw when he was 14. 

“I immediately started to dream about making my own version of it. So in a way it makes me smile when I hear people say, ‘How dare you remake Suspiria. Typical commerce-driven mentality.’ I was just a boy who had seen a movie that made him what he became. So that’s how I am approaching it: a homage to the incredible, powerful emotion I felt when I saw it.”

Den of Geek reports that this version will arrive in theater on November 2th. However, certain areas will get the film as early as October 28th. 

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