Soulcalibur VI – Mystery New Series Character Confirmed

Soul Calibur 6 new character

Unknowingly to many during all the noise of the Soulcalibur VI reveals of Gamescom a new character besides the returning fan favorite Tira was shown to us in plain sight and no one even truly noticed until now. Today we got official confirmation that the wizard shown in the SoulCalibur Character Creation story mode titled “Libra of Soul” would be a newcomer to the Soul Calibur series and a playable character in the full game. We don’t have a name for our fresh face but fans of the series have taken a liking to the nickname “Wizardman”

Soulcalibur producer Motohiro Okubo has confirmed during an interview with competitive legend Kayane that he will be an important character in the story mode and stated, “He has a purpose to save the world… But that’s all I can say.” Following this statement with a confirmation that Wizardman will indeed be playable.

During this interview, he also teased a female newcomer but went no further with the details. Guess we’re back to waiting for more reveals.

Check out the new trailer for Libra of Soul and Tira’s reveal if you’re craving more souls. For more info on Soulcalibur VI featuring Geralt from The Witcher and its great array of new mechanics be sure to follow The Outerhaven!