Yacht Club Games stated earlier in the week that they would announce the release date for the third and final story expansion to the Shovel Knight game, King of Cards. That release date has been set to April 9, 2019. They also announced that Shovel Knight Showdown, a multiplayer battle mode, will also launch on April 9, 2019.

If that’s not enough Shovel Knight goodness, Yacht Club Games also announced that a physical version of the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove collection is being released as well! This version of the Treasure Trove will include all of the expansions, including the two new ones. The collection will cost $39.99 for the physical version; however, you can still purchase the current version of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove digitally for $24.99 and you’ll receive the new content for free when it launches. The physical version will be releasing on April 9, 2019 as well.

And lastly, on that magical day of April 9, an Amiibo 3-Pack featuring Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight will be released. The Amiibo pack was first revealed at last year’s PAX West.

For more information on all of the aforementioned releases, visit the official website a the following link: http://yachtclubgames.com/2017/08/king-of-cards/

News Source: IGN

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