Season 2 of Tekken 7 will come bundled with a batch of fresh content via new characters, game mechanics, and general quality of life tweaks. Although crazy as it sounds, all of this will be made available on September 6, 2018, on all platforms no less. Now let’s delve into the various updates that are coming to Tekken 7’s new season.

Anna Williams and Lei Wulong will both be releasing alongside the Season 2 update on the very same day. These two returning veterans can be purchased either separately or in the bundled Season 2 Pass. If purchased individually these characters will cost roughly 5.00 USD per pop, and if you buy the full package it’ll run you nearly 30.00 USD. The Season 2 Pass will feature 6 additional characters including Negan of the Walking Dead series.

Season 2 characters.

Anna Williams and Lei Wulong will be the first characters released on the Season 2 Pass.

A new Assist Mode is being added in Season 2 which allows access to easier combos and attacks. People who struggle with inputs or execution can now jump in and perform some decent damaging stuff. This can be done by simply pressing a single button a repeated amount of times. This Assist Mode will be usable in both local and online modes, including ranked. However, this option will not be available in competitive Tournament Mode.

Season 2 Assist Mode.

Landing combos are as easy as 1.2.3 or 1,1,1 in this case.

Ranked Mode has received some appreciated tweaking with a change to matchmaking and your in-game UI. Point distribution through wins and losses have been slightly altered for more consistent matchmaking. For instance, defeating an opponent who is a rank below you will reward a higher point payout. And now, a visible gauge will be displayed during a match which shows you how far you are from a Ranking Promotion or a De-ranking Demotion.

Season 2 Ranked Mode improvements.

People will be more aware of their current ranking predicament with this visible gauge.

Wall Bound is the new gameplay mechanic that introduces wall bounces, which can lead to follow-up combos. Successfully landing certain moves will launch your opponent off of a wall right back to you for further punishment.

Season 2 Wall Bound.

Wall Bounds will add a new twist to everybody’s game plan.

Characters have undergone a revamping which might stir up the game’s tier list and grant the spotlight to some underused fighters. Attacks that had limited uses have been repurposed to be more useful. Some said attacks will now act as a Wall Bound move or just have more practical uses overall. Even Rage Drives (enhanced moves) that were deemed weak have been put under the knife to become a more valuable tool. Characters who were newcomers to Tekken 7 also received added changes to flesh them out thoroughly such as Lucky Chloe or Gigas.


Season 2 of Tekken 7.

Gigas might finally get some more action once Season 2’s changes come around.

That wraps up all the new content coming in Season 2 and boy, Tekken 7’s future is sure looking bright.

Tekken 7 is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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