Two fighters were recently announced for Team Ninja’s 3D fighter, Dead or Alive 6. We’ve got Rig returning as a familiar face and Diego as a brand new character making his grand debut. Take a look at both of these fighters within the latest trailer.

Rig first appeared in the original Dead or Alive 5 game as an antagonistic newcomer. And now this oil platform worker so aptly named “Rig” is returning in Dead or Alive 6. Rig’s specialty lies within taekwondo so you can expect this fighter to be fluent with a variety of kicks. Though his style seems to be enhanced with a bit more acrobatic finesse this time around.

The newly revealed Diego fights with an unorthodox street brawling style. He’s a bruiser who has honed his heavy-handed strikes in the back alleys of New York. This character is brutal and will most certainly pulverize his opponents if given the chance to do so.

Rig (on the right) is about be rigged up to an IV after Diego gets done with him.

Dead or Alive 6 will be available on PS4, Xbox One. and PC with a release date slated for March 2019.