Looks like we’ll be seeing more of the teenagers with attitude gracing theater screens in the near future.

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner recently spoke with licensing.org to discuss the potential new entry in the Power Rangers film franchise. According to the website, Hasbro is currently looking into different film studios to work on a follow-up sequel to 2017’s Power Rangers.

Hasbro recently acquired the licensing rights to the Power Rangers franchise from Saban brands early last year for over $522 million. Goldner told analysts that the company has big plans for the franchise that’s been keeping kids entertained for over 25 years. These plans include having different partners working on various products, releasing new products early next year, and hiring “key personnel” that worked on the popular brand at Saban. To ensure authenticity, Hasbro selected Saban CEO, Haim Saban, to serve as creative consultant.

Since the film debuted in theaters last year, there was some speculation as to whether or not we’d see a sequel in the near future. The movie’s ending clearly set itself up for another entry; showing a mid-credit scene where the film teases a fan-favorite character. However, due to mixed reviews and an underperformance at the box office, it seemed as if a sequel was not in the cards.

Now, it’s been confirmed that Hasbro is indeed planning to continue the Power Rangers film franchise, which leaves fans with a few questions. Which studio will they use for the sequel? Will the main cast from the first film reprise their roles? What story will the next entry tell? Will they aim for a lower rating? These questions should undoubtedly be answered as more news develops.        

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