While the Life is Strange Twitter account has been teasing Life is Strange 2 for a while now, that all stops tomorrow. Why? Because apparently, tomorrow is when we’ll officially see more of the follow-up to the immensely popular title. No mention as to what form it will be in. However, considering that we’ve been given an exact time, it’s safe to say it will be a trailer of some sort.

We’ll be able to see this announcement on August 20th, at 1 PM PDT/ 4 PM EDT over on the Life is Strange 2 Twitter account. If it does end up being a trailer, it likely will be able on the Life is Strange YouTube channel as well.

Earlier I mentioned that there was a teaser and that’s exactly what it was.  A few weeks back, a short trailer featuring an officer Matthews was released. The footage show was video from his police cruiser’s camera shows him just driving around. Suddenly he stops the car and bolts out, but not before calling for backup. He calls in a 10-10, which is police code for a fight in progress. We don’t see the fight, however, moments later do we see Matthews and his car being knocked back, followed by a gust of wind and dust. The trailer closes out and in the background, we hear that the backup finally does arrive.

Pretty cryptic and mysterious if you ask me. What does it mean? What’s going on? Well, I have no idea but I’m sure we’ll find out more tomorrow. At the very least, I hope we do.

Life is Strange 2 will be heading to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, on September 27, 2018.

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