Easily one of the biggest 3rd party games to come to Nintendo Switch this year was Octopath Traveler. This exclusive title from Square Enix, via the newly minted team, Acquire, was made to invoke the old-school style of RPGs, like the Final Fantasy games of old, all the while being fresh and new with upgraded battle mechanics, and 3D backgrounds to go with the 2D sprites. It was highly anticipated, and reports of shortages filled the web over the last two weeks. And now, we finally have a sales number.

Nintendo of America released a tweet saying that Octopath Traveler has indeed sold over 1 million copies worldwide. For the record, this including physical and digital copies sold. This is a big deal for numerous reasons. One, this adds another million-seller to the long list of Switch games that have accomplished that. Two, this is one of the few third-party games (so far) that has achieved this goal, others include Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Fire Emblem Warriors, and a few more. Third, and arguably most importantly, both Square Enix and Acquire have said that they would love to make more exclusive games like Octopath Traveler on Switch. But, they needed to know the game would sell.

Obviously, it did, and we can’t wait to see what else they bring to the system.

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