Nintendo held a massive Nintendo Direct today focusing specifically on Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and in it, five characters were revealed to be added to the roster. Two new characters via Simon Belmont and King K. Rool, and three Echo characters via Chrom, Dark Samus, and Richter Belmont. And, naturally, with their arrivals, the question of whether Amiibo’s for them would be coming was brought up.

Nintendo was quick to answer, for on Twitter, Nintendo of Europe noted the following:

This is the first time that the Echo fighters were confirmed to be getting Amiibo (Daisy was the first official Echo and no Amiibo was said for her at the time), so these will be included alongside the new characters Amiibo and the “Everyone Is Here!” fighters that are coming back for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

This means that at present, the Smash Bros lineup will have over 70 Amiibo by the time everything is said and done, so if you need to update your collection, best start now.

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