Nightmares are Real: Netflix is Making a ‘Death Note 2’

Lo, Internet, what have we done to deserve this grisly fate?

Believe it or not, Netflix will be making another Death Note film, this time with Greg Russo writing the script. The announcement was not one Netflix has put out loudly. In fact, the only reason we know it’s happening is that it got mentioned in a Hollywood Reporter article on the future of Netflix movies:

“Among properties it already owns, Netflix is developing a sequel to 2017’s horror-thriller Death Note, which Sarandos has called a “sizable” success, with Greg Russo writing the script. Director David Ayer and Smith also are planning a follow-up to Bright, which was panned by critics but watched by 11 million viewers in its first three days, according to Nielsen.”

Yeah, when you’re put in the same paragraph at Bright, you know that the faith in the project is low. Most fans did not have a good reaction to the first film, claiming it was laughably bad and was, in some way, antithetical to the spirit of the manga.

As far as we know, the second film will immediately follow the events of the first. It is likely that the main cast will return to the film, and it will go in the same direction as it’s predecessor. And yes, that does mean having a white kid named Light and his psychopath girlfriend. However, that doesn’t mean that Russo might not want to do a total 180 and explore a different aspect of the universe – it might actually help save its reputation, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

There is no speculative date for Death Note 2, but the earliest it would be available would be late 2019.