Netflix’s push for more animated shows on its roster continues smoothly with the addition of Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch. His hit Disney XD series rapidly rose to cult fame over the course of just two seasons, and its fanbase has been yearning for more from Hirsch since the show’s epic conclusion.

The talented creator is making the transition from Disney cartoons to more adult-oriented content. In doing so he is expanding his horizons and exciting fans at the same time. The deal he’s reached with Netflix is reportedly a multi-year contract, which could very well mean one show over a few seasons or multiple short running shows such as his last. Regardless, Hirsch has displayed his ability to tell a concise and rich story in just a handful of episodes, handily cementing his place among the modern cartoon greats.

Gravity Falls was hailed for its witty humor, intriguing and dynamic characters, and gripping story shrouded in mystery. The series’ immense commercial success paired with radiant critical acclaim clearly made its creator a prime target for Netflix’s broad reach.

While it seems Netflix might be mired in a swamp of sub-par original content as of late, there are still some undeniable gems that are easily discoverable. Recently the streaming giant has found its wins in the animated department thanks to shows like Nick Kroll’s Big Mouth, and the charmingly cathartic Aggretsuko. Shows like these prove that Netflix has what it takes to make good animated content, and it seems like their latest addition is another recipe for excellence.

Will Netflix let Alex Hirsch’s talent and creativity shine in his debut with the platform? Only time will tell, but we’ll certainly be awaiting more news from both parties eagerly.

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