The childhoods of many are being brought back into the forefront of the media with a wave of Disney live-action reboots. This trend has officially grown beyond its original movies such as The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast, as Kim Possible is set to make its non-cartoon debut as a feature-length film.

While this isn’t exactly fresh news, we have received updates on the cast list with the addition of Christy Carlson Romano and Patton Oswalt. Romano was the voice of the Kim Possible in the original TV show on Disney Channel and is set to make a cameo appearance in the film. Oswalt also had a leading role on the show as Professor Dementor, the nefarious nemesis of the spy duo, and he will reprise that role in the upcoming movie. The addition of two familiar voices to the otherwise fairly unknown cast may bode well for the film, which will have to work hard to play on everyone’s sense of nostalgia while also feeling fresh enough to warrant a reboot. Robert Schooley and Mark McCorkle certainly have their work cut out for them.

Being the original show’s creators puts McCorkle and Schooley at a distinct advantage when it comes to crafting the film though, as they know what made Kim Possible an Emmy nominated series in the first place. Their familiarity with the characters could help boost fans’ confidence in their script writing abilities for the live action adaptation. They will be joined in writing the film by Josh Cagan, and their executive producer credits will appear alongside Zanne Devine. Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein will direct and produce the movie alongside one another.

Sadie Stanley is set to star as the titular hero, and her bumbling but well-intentioned sidekick Ron Stoppable will be played by Sean Giambrone. Will familiar names behind the script be enough to please longtime fans and a new audience alike? We’ll have to wait for Kim Possible‘s 2019 release to be sure.

8/14/2018 – Updated with the recently released teaser.

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