Let It Die is making the jump to the PC later this year

Oh boy, yet another once PlayStation 4 exclusive is making the jump to the PC. This time it’s Grasshopper Manufacture’s and Suda51’s Let It Die, a free to play hack-and-slash RPG game with microtransactions. And no, I did not see this coming at all.

Now, I’m pretty excited about this as I used to play this game on a daily basis. Well, in between all my Dark Soul sessions, that is. I enjoyed the combat and I thought the premise of the game was a bit odd, but it works well. Basically, you need to get to the top of some mystic tower called the “Tower of Barbs”. Get there and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. There’s only one catch, that place is littered with enemies that will tear you apart while smiling in your face. Elite characters, crazy looking enemies, lots of cool weapons and even psychotic bosses. All who want to end your run.

But trying to get to the top is so much fun. You’ll even have a skateboard riding, smiley-faced grim reaper on your side. Or is he?

Here’s a hint, he really isn’t.

let it die ouch

Create your own character, level up your gear, eat to survive (including froggies) and buff up and even reclaim deceased characters (if you can beat them). Not to mention, you can invade peoples bases, steal their stuff and compete in massive events. Oh, I loved this game on the PS4. Looks like I’ll be getting back into this game again when it hits Steam this Fall.

Oh, and if you’re heading out to PAX West, a little bird told me that the game will make an appearance there as a playable demo. So if you’re heading that way, be sure to stop by their booth and check it out. If you do, why not drop me a line and let me know how it plays. Ok?

[Source: Gamespot]

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