There’s nothing like news of your favorite show coming back for one last hurrah, and fans of Veronica Mars are celebrating early. While it has not be 100% confirmed, there are sources saying that the show will be making its way to Hulu, with Kristen Bell reprising her role as the titular detective. 

Now, don’t get your hopes up, this will be a limited series that is set to run for eight episodes total. There is also no word as to who else would be coming back to the show, nor what exactly would be the plot of the short story. Mostly like, it would build off of the franchise’s film that premiered nearly fives years ago.

Veronica Mars ran for three seasons on the UPN/CW, and later released a 2014 film which was made through the use of Kickstarter funding. There have also been books and web-series spinoffs, but fans have always clamored for more. Now in an age of revivals and second chances for series, it’s not surprising that this cult classic is getting another life. It’s great that Bell is on board for the project, given how invested she is in the franchise and its fandom.

Currently, Hulu has not confirmed that the revival is in the works, but it is clear that there is a deal on the table, and it’s coming to a close soon. Until then, marshmallows, you’ll just have to sit tight and wait for the big announcement that’s sure to come once the ink has dried.

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