Hulu and Sony Pictures Television have come to an agreement which has brought Jeopardy! to a streaming service for the first time.

The classic quiz show hosted by Alex Trebek reaches millions of homes a night, so it’s no surprise Sony Pictures made the move to streaming platforms with this latest partnership. After all, streaming services are only becoming more prevalent as the years go on, and more companies such as DC and Marvel are even starting their own. As usual Jeopardy! is following the big money and going with the flow of the times.

60 episodes have been made available right off the bat, but have no fear, Hulu made it clear that it plans to periodically update the episodes available to viewers. This is good news for all the binge-watchers who just haven’t had enough of that Trebek fix lately. This September will mark the show’s 35th year running, cementing its place as one of the most successful game shows of all time. Of course, that’s assuming its status as the world record holder for most Emmy Awards won by a game show didn’t already solidify that spot.

The announcement reached the world in the form of a short video from Hulu which you can watch down below.

Until the list of available Jeopardy! episodes expands you can catch individual shows from seasons 31, 30, and 29 all on Hulu currently. Go scratch that trivia itch!

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