Four Maid Costumes are Serving Up in Street Fighter V

A little maid service, Master.


Announced on their Twitter page, Capcom will be releasing four maid costume skins for Menat, Falke, Kolin, and R Mika. These will be released on August 28. The Costumes are as shown:






R Mika:

If I were to judge, Menat takes the top spot with her levitating teapot and head wear. R Mika reflects the Casino theme style of maid as correlating with the stage. Falke nails her outfit, sticking with a Gothic Maid style and heavy boots. Kolin is a bit off for me. Perhaps its her standing pose or the hair style, but there is just a lot of discourse with her and her outfit.



Street Figther V is available on PS4, Xbox, and PC.

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