EA Apologizes for the removal of Colin Kaepernick’s name from a song in Madden 19

Madden 19 starting screen

Madden 19 Starting Screen – EA

Earlier today, it was pointed out that Colin Kaepernick’s name was bleeped out in the song YG song “Big Bank”, in Madden 19. Kaepernick, who has been a highly debated topic in the NFL for some time. Ever since he voiced his opinions and took a knee during the national anthem, he has yet to make it back onto any team in the NFL. The scrubbing out of his name was caught by more than few earlier today and shortly afterward started circulating on Twitter and various outlets. 

Many had thought that perhaps EA was caught up in the NFL’s politics surrounding Kaepernick. However, in a recent update from EA, it appears that this wasn’t true after all. Instead, EA admits that this was an “unfortunate mistake” on their part. This mistake was due to them believing that they didn’t have the rights to Kaepernick’s name. Which resulted in it being bleeped out of the song.

EA has acknowledged this mistake and has stated they’ll make it right. An update will be pushed to Madden 19 on August 6, and Kaepernick’s name will be referenced again. 

On EA’s part, at least they came out and addressed their mistake. Which is more than I can say about the NFL. To be honest, I don’t completely buy into EA’s explanation. Aren’t these things you check prior? If you don’t know if you have access or rights to something, wouldn’t you ask to confirm that?

Madden 19 is currently available to play right now on EA/Origin Access as a 10-hour trial. For those who’ve signed up for EA’s Origin Access Premier now have access to the full game. For everyone else, the game will be available on August 10, for PS4, Xbox One and for the first time in a long time, PC.

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