We’ve got another weekend filled to the brim with fighting game tournaments folks. Both Celtic Throwdown 2018 and E-Sports Festival Hong Kong 2018 will be ongoing August 25th-26th. E-Sports Festival Hong Kong 2018 is gonna bring out some big contenders, so it’d be wise to clear out your calendar if Street Fighter V is your thing. 

E-Sports Festival Hong Kong 2018 will play host to a Capcom Pro Tour Premiere Event. The top 48 players to place at this tournament will earn themselves some Global Ranking Points. Competitors will be at each other’s throats to scrounge up some much-needed Ranking Points; for these points are vital for anyone wanting an opportunity at winning Capcom Cup 2018. This in itself should make for some intense matches for us viewing at home to enjoy.

E-Sports Festival Hong Kong 2018 Capcom Pro Tour.

Point distribution is dependent on event type and tournament placement.

Here are just a few of those big contenders I mentioned earlier, RISE|MenaRD, RISE|Caba, CYG BST|Daigo “The Beast”, CYG BST|Gamerbee, ECHO FOX|Justin Wong, and ECHO FOX|Momochi. These top players are expected to be in attendance for E-Sports Festival Hong Kong 2018, but nothing is set in stone. Brackets for these players are already live and can be viewed right here.

For those spectators and stream monsters alike, E-Sports Festival Hong Kong 2018 will be live streamed on the CapcomFighters Twitch channel. The tournament begins on Saturday, August 25th with Pools starting off at 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. (Hong Kong time) and will conclude the following day with Finals at 4 p.m.- 10 p.m (Hong Kong time). Be sure to adjust the hours accordingly for your region and time zone!

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