E-Line Media Teases New Underwater Story, “Beyond Blue”

The creators of Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) are back at it again, creating new games with intriguing premise. Beyond Blue, one of their newest projects, is meant to showcase the beauty and majesty of the world’s oceans. Judging just from the teaser, it absolutely succeeds.

Players will work in a world under the waves, seeing, hearing and sensing animals of all kinds. HD sea animals have been crafted and animated with stunning accuracy. This comes as no surprise, considering E-Line Media announced a partnership with BBC Studios. According to a press release from the developers, “The concept for the project grew from creative discussion between E-Line and BBC Studios during BBC’s making of Blue Planet II, the ground-breaking nature series that has already reached millions of viewers around the world.”

The website for Beyond Blue says the game will feature both narrative and “high-level resource management.” Should E-Line decide to take a hyper-realistic approach to the game, this could create situations that are both thrilling and terrifying. Pressure and oxygen deprivation are very real dangers in deep-sea exploration, and running a whole research lab underwater could present a lot of other challenges, too.

Although information on Beyond Blue is limited, one thing is for certain: This game looks very cool. Fans of ABZU should be prepared to be blown out of the water once again by another incredible diving game.

Here’s a look at what’s to come.

Beyond Blue will be coming to PC and Consoles in early 2019. For more information, visit their website, here.

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