To this day, there’s still some debate as to whether E3 2018 was good or bad for Nintendo. For while they introduced Super Smash Bros Ultimate, they didn’t do much else, especially in regards to titles coming this year. However, for 2019, they dropped some big trailers and teasers. Including one for a mysterious game called Daemon X Machina. Only shown via trailer at the digital conference, more details came later that the game would be made by Marvelous, and was heading up by Armored Core, Fire Emblem, and other major game industry veterans.

While yesterday was dedicated to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, Nintendo sneakily dropped a Dev video on Twitter featuring legendary developer Kenichiro Tsukuda, who did a Q&A about Daemon X Machina.

He was a bit coy about diving too deep into details about the game, however, he did note some key details. First off, while we knew that the mechs in the game would be customizable, Tsukuda revealed that you’ll be able to swap out parts on the fly. Furthermore, you can actually take weapons from fallen enemies and use them immediately after.

Tsukuda also gave some backstory for the game, noting that the world is one where the moon was destroyed, and from within the fragments that came to the Earth lied an energy source that helped create the mechs, called Arsenals. There’s a massive battle going on with the energy, and one of the foes is an AI that went haywire after the moon was destroyed.

Daemon X Machina is set for a 2019 release on Nintendo Switch, watch the Q&A below for more details.

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