Capcom’s bringing a playable demo of Devil May Cry V to Gamescom 2018

If you thought Capcom was going to be lowkey when it comes to their upcoming hack & slash title, Devil May Cry V. Think again.

They’ve already shown a trailer at E3 2018. They’ve teased the public regarding certain hints from the trailer’s music. Even talked about the gameplay and how the game stacks up graphically. So, was there any doubt that a playable version of the title wouldn’t be at Gamescom 2018? Well, if you were one of the few that that was betting against Capcom on this, you’d be wrong.

Yep, Capcom’s definitely bringing a playable demo of Devil May Cry V to Gamescom 2018. If you wanted validation on this, look no further than the recent tweet by Hideaki Itsuno;

If you heading to Gamescom 2018, I highly recommend you head over to Capcom’s booth and check out the game. Devil May Cry V is the highly requested follow-up to Devil May Cry 4, with the story picking up right after the events in DMC4. It will feature a slightly different Nero and Dante. Not to mention that Nero’s has grown a bit,  has his Devil’s arm stolen, possibly by Virgil (speculation at this time) and has it replaced with a robotic prosthetic arm. Still, that new arm seems to work for him as we see him in the DMCV trailer, kicking a lot of demon ass, and not skipping a beat.

Dante, on the other hand, looks like some deranged old man who’s speeding excessively on some demonic looking motorcycle. Outside of that, that’s all we know about the game. But comes Gamescom 2018, that’s all going to change.

Gamescom 2018 runs from August 21 – 25 and is held in Cologne, Germany. Devil May Cry V currently has no release date but will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC/Windows, sometime in 2019. As for the demo, well, let’s just hope we see it in our homes sooner than later.

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