A New Speaker System is Approaching! The Razer Nommo Pro Available Now

Razer announced on Wednesday that their newest speaker system – the Razer Nommo Pro – is available for purchase right now.

Announced in January at CES, the Nommo Pro is a 2.1 channel speaker system that comes with THX certification, two independent silk dome tweeters mounted on top of speakers coated with Dupont Kevlar coated speakers. Those speakers feature 3-inch drivers that project solid-mids. The tweeters are said to produce smooth and balanced highs in concert with the mids from the speaker. The cylindrical subwoofer is downward firing, promoting airflow for “consistent, deep tones.” That means: You bout to get that BASS. It also includes Dolby Virtual Speaker technology for “an added layer of immersion with simulated 5.1 surround sound.”

The Razer Nommo Pro features USB, Optical, and 3.5mm inputs, with Bluetooth compatibility, as well as a control pod that features the volume control, source control and 3.5mm headphone jack at an easy to access location. EQ settings can be controlled through the Razer Synapse 3 app, and there is a dedicated Nommo Pro app for Android and iOS.

Did we forget to mention? The Nommo Pro also features RGB lighting, offering a palette of “16.8 million color choices,” powered by Razer Chroma. The Razer Nommo Pro retails for USD$499.99, and is available now at Razerstore.com.

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