Fans of Attack on Titan were shocked to hear that REVO and Linked Horizon would not be performing the opening theme to the third season of the anime. Linked Horizon has performed every opening for Attack on Titan since the beginning so it was only natural to think that they would continue to lend their talents to the series. 

Sadly, that’s not going to be the case.

However, even though some people may find that news rather disappointing, the fact that X Japan is handling the opening this time certainly turned a lot of heads. X Japan is probably one of the, if not the MOST, well-known rock/metal bands in Japan. They’ve been around since 1982 (1977 if you count their days as Dynamite) and have even headlined the Tokyo Dome an amazing 18 times. To sweeten the pot, X Japan won’t be performing the theme song alone. They have enlisted Hyde from the equally popular and accomplished band L’Arc en-Ciel to help perform the theme song.


The first episode of Attack on Titan Season 3 premiered at Anime Expo. The anime will also premiere in theaters here in the U.S. and Canada, the first for a television anime series! The anime is scheduled to air in Japan starting on July 22. The show’s episode count was announced to be extended to a full 24 episodes!


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