Arika’s Fighting EX Layer is receiving a little update via version 1.0.7. This update adds two quality of life changes and a new game mode. Here’s what came bundled in version 1.0.7:

  • The inclusion of an arcade mode featuring 7 stages of battles against the CPU
  • You will now return to the mode you were previously playing once your ranked match concludes
  • Reduced the symptom causing momentary screen stop while awaiting ranked matchmaking 
Arcade mode added via version 1.0.7

Arcade mode has you covered if you want to beat down some CPU’s.


 Arcade mode is a nice touch as the game lacked content for those interested in some single-player action. There’s now a little more meat to the game overall. The revision regarding where the player is sent once their ranked match finishes was a no-brainer. Instead of being returned to the main menu you’ll be returned to whatever mode you were previously partaking in. An appreciated change for sure. Lastly, we have the ironing out of an issue afflicting ranked matchmaking where the screen would momentarily freeze up. 

Seeing Arika working towards bettering their game is definitely encouraging for Fighting EX Layer’s longevity. With future updates and patches, this game may lead a long, prosperous life. Not to mention with character DLC such as Pullum Purnum and Vulcano Rosso who will be free additions to the roster.

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