Scaling of the Unit-01 stature in comparison to a 1.75m person

The creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hideaki Anno, is in Shanghai and is checking out the world’s largest Unit-01 statue. It has been reported that the statue measures to be 24.8 meters (81.36 feet) high with the Spear of Longinus in hand.

Hideaki looking at the 24.8 meter Unit-01 Statue

It is needless to say how badass of an anime Evangelion is, but can we talk about how insane it would be to be in Hideaki Anno’s shoes? Do you think that he would have imagined his anime to become such a hit that he would one day be standing before a 24.8-meter tall statue of one of his anime creations? I know I’d never expect such a thing to happen. Being able to stand in front of a real-life model of such scale is insane, and I’m certain that it’s a true honor to be had as well.

I may never see the Unit-01 statue ever in my life, but I sure am jealous of Hideaki for being able to stand in front of one of his creations that have been brought to reality.

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