This new Funko Pop Vinyl Pikachu will stare into your soul

Just the other day, Funko announced that they had acquired the Pokemon license. So you know what that means, right? Yep, tons and tons of Pokemon figures will be flooding your favorite online and B&M stores. However, we already have our first look at their first release – this soul staring Pikachu. Just look at it!

Those eyes! Damn those eyes! Those big anime eyes!

Those big, black, deep eyes that beckon you to look as Pikachu consumes your soul. And your wallet. For you collectors, this guy will be exclusive to North American Target stores. Similar to several other Funko POPs. Expect these guys to flood eBay once they’re available. It will be available later this month and should be around the same price as your average sized Funk POPs. At least for the moment, it doesn’t appear to be available on Target’s website.

I’m pretty sure there are people camping at Target for this right now. Oh, apparently someone was able to purchase one


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