There’s a new Phantasy Star RPG in the works

Don’t get too excited just yet

As a fan of the Phantasy Star series, I’ll admit that despite what I’ve said in the past. I’m still a bit salty that Phantasy Star Online 2 never made it to the West. Yes, even to this day.

But I’m willing to put that all behind, you hear that SEGA? As long as we received another Phantasy Star game and one that arrives in the West. However, with SEGA’s recent announcement of a new title in the series, I’m not sure what to expect.

Yes, SEGA has announced a new Phantasy Star game. Except it’s not coming to the consoles or PC. Nope, instead, they’re advertising this as an iOS & Android device game. Yes, friends, that means this is going to be a mobile game. Not sure that’s the best way to celebrate the series 30th anniversary. Currently, there’s a countdown on this page and has been counting down since this past Friday. Meaning that in one more day, we’ll to find out what this game is all about.


That said… NO!!!! I mean, I’m all for a new game in the series, but I’m not the biggest mobile gamer. I’d rather play my RPG’s on a console or PC, so they can take advantage of all the really nice stuff we’ve gotten since the Sega Genesis days. Seriously SEGA, would it kill you to finally give us a Phantasy Star 5? For those keeping scores, the last true Phantasy Star RPG we received in the West was Phantasy Star Zero (2009) and Phantasy Star Portable 2 (2010). While the last console PS game localized was Phantasy Star Universe on the Xbox 360 in 2006. 

In the end, who am I kidding? If this manages to capture the same charm from the previous games, I’ll still play it. There are ways of playing Android games on your PC, after all.

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