When Super Smash Bros Ultimate was announced at E3 2018, there were many, MANY questions about what was coming, what wasn’t, and what would tie into the game. During one of the initial Treehouse sessions, Sakurai confirmed that Inkling and Ridley would be getting Amiibo figures for the game (for the Inkling, this one will be different than the Splatoon version). But, that raised another question, would more Amiibo be coming?

Well, Nintendo gave some clues as to this, and the answer appears to be “Yes”, for in a statement, they revealed that they would be releasing Amiibo for Ice Climbers and Pikachu, with more to come. These two names are important, as these characters were NOT in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, aka the games that started the Amiibo trend. What this seems to indicate is that any of the “Everyone Is Here!” characters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be getting Amiibo.

Or, to be specific, Ice Climbers, Pichu, Pokemon Trainer, Solid Snake, Young Link, and Wolf. Though, to be fair, this has not be confirmed, but given the first two reveals, it seems highly likely.

My bet is that not only will this happen, but I see a high demand for the Solid Snake Amiibo when it arrives.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate, on the other hand, will arrive on December 7th.

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