During Studio Trigger’s panel at Anime Expo, they unveiled details about the upcoming original anime, Promare as well as announced that they are opening a Patreon page.

The anime will feature mechs known as Matoi-Tech and stars a manga named Gato, a new recruit in a rescue team. Outside of these minor details, nothing more was revealed as far as the anime’s plot is concerned. Studio Trigger did state that more information about Promare will be unveiled later this fall. Promare was announced at last year’s Anime Expo event with nothing more than a key visual. Seems like after a full year, we’re still waiting for more details about this show.

On the flipside, Studio Trigger also announced that they have launched a Patreon page. They gave a statement for the reasons behind the launch of the Patreon page which reads as follows:

We’re a studio that strives for a global audience and values communications with our fans. If you’ve been in a creative business, I bet we can all relate that a simple feedback is all it takes to make our day great. However, there’s no denying at times we wished we had an extra buck or two. There’s been one too many incidents where we had to give up a merchandise idea because it was unprofitable, or simply due to lack of funding. That’s where you and Patreon comes in! With your support, we would like to forward funds into various aspect of the studio. Possibly a new line of merchandise, attending/conducting more events, or simply providing a little more to our staff.

Pledge rewards are as follows:

Trigger Supporter – $1/month
We’re grateful for every bit of support! You will have access to high resolution .jpg file from our live drawing session!

Trigger Happy – $5/month
Perhaps you’re a budding animator?  Or, maybe an extra generous individual! Have access to our .psd, .ai, clip studio file with the layers untouched from the live drawing!

Once they reach enough Patrons to make $1,500/month, they will begin to stream live-drawing sessions with one of their illustrators and/or animators. All earnings before that mark will be used to fun equipment for the live streams.

If you wish to become a Patron of Studio Trigger, you can do so at the following link: https://www.patreon.com/studioTRIGGER/memberships