The lawsuit that Stan Lee brought against the company he founded, Pow! Entertainment has been officially dropped according to a statement made by both Stan Lee and Pow! on Monday. The lawsuit was a $1 Billion suit against Pow!’s executives Gill Champion and Shane Duffy due to allegations of forgery or fraudulence in Lee’s name and image. The lawsuit claimed that Pow! Entertainment seized control of Stan Lee’s social media accounts without permission; however, Lee made a Tweet on May 12:

Two days after that Tweet, Lee filed his lawsuit. He followed this up with another Tweet a day after filing his suit:

Another part of the lawsuit dealt with the sale of Pow! Entertainment to Hong Kong-based Camsing International Holding. After the sale, Shane Duffy became the CEO and executive chairman, something that Lee himself didn’t approve or was made aware of.

Stan Lee didn’t go into details about how the lawsuit was settled or why it was dropped. He did mention that he was happy to put the lawsuit behind him and that he has established a working relationship with Shane Duffy and Pow! Entertainment once again. He noted that the lawsuit was confusing to both himself and to his fans and that projects that were put on hold due to the filing of the lawsuit will now resume once again.

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