SDCC 2018: Dr. Horrible Is Getting His Own Comic From Dark Horse

Joss Whedon decided this year’s Comic-Con was the right time and place to come out from under the mossy rock which he probably now calls home. Despite the comfort the Patrick Star style dwelling must hold, he’s reemerged with quite the fervor.

Among the flurry of announcements coming from his camp is a rather unexpected one in the form of more Dr. Horrible. Oh, you thought I was talking about a movie? Maybe even a spin-off TV series? Wrong on both accounts my eager nerd! The doctor himself will return to us in comic form later this year. The reveal came to us from the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Panel where they celebrated the tenth anniversary of the cult classic web series. Whedon himself broke the news during the panel alongside Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day and revealed the title of the comic: Dr. Horrible, Best Friends Forever.

Dark Horse Comics is the one bringing us this delightful treat, which is another piece of great news to tack onto this story given their stellar track record in recent years. Immediately after the announcement was made on the expo floor Dark Horse tweeted their own announcement for Best Friends Forever.

While Horrible has made comic book appearances this will be the first of his adventures that Whedon has written himself. We’ve even received a look at the cover which depicts Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible standing back to back, ready to defeat Hourglass, the time-bending sorceress.

Dr. Horrible

The one-off comic Dr. Horrible, Best Friends Forever will be available November 14th of this year for your reading pleasure!