SDCC 2018: Watch Out, here comes the Spider-Man PS4 Pro

Hang on to your wallets

Ok, it’s no secret that I’m perhaps the biggest Spider-Man fan here. So imagine my surprise when Sony announced a limited edition Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim systems? To say I geeked out, that is a bit of an understatement. San 

Just take a look at this? That sexy red PS4 Pro, with Spider-Man’s logo on the top. Coupled with that controller and a copy of the game, yes A physical copy. How could I resist? Simple, I couldn’t and you shouldn’t either.

Included in the bundle:

  •  Amazing Red 1TB PS4 Pro console featuring the iconic Marvel’s Spider-Man spider
  • DualShock 4 wireless controller
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man game on Blu-ray disc, and digital content

All this for just $399.99, the same price as a regular PlayStation 4 Pro. However, seeing how this is a limited edition, I don’t expect these to last very long. Pre-orders are up right now at Best Buy, Gamestop, and Amazon, for North America. So if you want one, I’d recommend either clicking on this links or swinging your way over to a B&M store.

As for when you’ll be able to get your hands on this PS4 Pro? It’ll be available the same day as Spider-Man is, which is September 7, 2018.

And just for the record, yes, I already preordered mine.