The idea of a live-action show based on the Titans (or teen version too) has been in the works for some time. First, it was supposed to be called “Blackbirds” (for some reason…) and slated to arrive on TNT, but that didn’t happen. Then, DC Comics revealed they were going to have a streaming service of their own, including having original content, including a live-action series called Titans. Since then, there have been reveals and leaks of the various characters and their outfits, and now, we have an official trailer.

You can watch it below, and below that will be my thoughts.

As you can see, the team behind the show went really…REALLY dark with this. Including show Dick Grayson not only swear (about Batman no less…), but he’s killing bad guys with the brutality of Jason Todd, the second Robin.

Then, there’s Raven, aka Rachel Roth, who is played up like a scared child seeking help from Grayson. Other glimpses in the trailer show us Starfire and Beast Boy (who we can now see in their true colors), as well as looks at Hawk and Dove in action.

Personally? I’m not sure what to make of this. While it’s true that a lot of hero series (both Marvel and DC) are playing up the darkness angle in many of their heroes, that doesn’t mean it should be for all of them. And the TV-MA rating may actually hurt the show more than help it.

Visually, the show isn’t too bad, but we also haven’t seen much in terms of villains or how certain powers will work. Such as Beast Boy’s transformations or Raven’s Soul Self or Starfire’s starbolts, etc. It’s intriguing for sure, but this is definitely a show where I’m going to have to watch an episode or two before I make a full opinion on it, and I would recommend you do that too.

Titans will be the first of the original shows launched on DC Universe.