SDCC 2018: Things are about to get rough in Voltron Legendary Defender season 7

Oh man, it’s a non-stop ride when it comes to Voltron: Legendary Defender, isn’t it? In-between all the character development, the laugh, the emotional roller coaster of feels and all those battles. I didn’t think anything could surpass what we’ve seen so far. And yet, a single trailer for the upcoming season 7 has made me think otherwise.

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con Voltron panel, not only did we get word of what’s to come (well talk about that later), but also a new trailer. Damn, this trailer, I don’t even know where to begin.

Let I’ll just let you watch the trailer first.

Did you digest that all?

Ok, let’s chat. So, following the battle at the end of season 6, everyone thought that the Voltron team had died. Both their allies and enemies. Which meant, their friends up and left, while the Galra started amassing their military and started laying waste to everything. Meanwhile, the Voltron team, unaware of all this, decides to head back to Earth. They have to rebuild their castle of lions, which was sacrificed to close the tears between caused by Lotor’s manipulation of the quintessence field.

Ultimately, they finally get word that all hell is breaking loose. Their lions weakened and running low on power to the point they can’t even form Voltron. To their friends and home under attack, things are looking grim. And if that music that played during the trailer didn’t convey this, then the last few seconds of that massive fleet of ships bearing down on them should.

Yep, season 7 is looking to be quite the epic moment. And in case you forgot, the next season starts this August 10th, 2018. Unlike the past four seasons, season 7 will run for 13 episodes. I can’t wait.

But that’s not all, as it was also announced that Voltron is getting close to the end of the show. Once season 7 ends, we’ll be left with just two more seasons and then it’s all over. 

I can’t imagine this show being over. Especially since I initially wasn’t too thrilled about hearing a remake of Go-Lions/Voltron. I grew up with the original show and I couldn’t bear to see my childhood “violated”. Thankfully, Dreamworks and Netflix have done a bang up job and I’ve loved every moment of  Voltron: Legendary Defender so far. 

Well, at least I have season 7 to look forward to. Be sure to check it out on August 10th, only Netflix.