SDCC 2018: ‘Steven Universe’ Announces New Episodes and a Movie

Few cartoons today have the following that Steven Universe does, and with good reason. Original premise, increasingly complex storylines, charming and memorable characters. As the mysteries of the Gems and their world continue to unravel, fans are eager to learn of what happens next.

San Diego Comic Con gave them not one but two reveals. The first was a promo for the upcoming season 6, in which we see Blue and Yellow Diamond, two of the most powerful gems, finding out that Rose Quartz was in fact pink diamond. We also get a quick look at White Diamond, the most mysterious of the four Diamonds. No news yet as to when those episodes will air on Cartoon Network.

But then, the team dropped yet another big announcement. The franchise is getting its own TV movie! However, we know even less about the movie than we do about the new season. Entitled Steven Universe: The Movie, all the teaser shows us is a heart-shaped gem spinning, showing us the main cast looking frightened until a mysterious, shadowed gem appears. There is also currently no release date for this project either.

It seems like the show is getting even bigger, perhaps because its story will soon be at an end, or perhaps Cartoon Network is trying capitalize on the passionate fanbase. Whatever the reason may be, it’s going to be an interesting new period for this excellent franchise.