SDCC 2018: Here’s that new Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer In English


Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The next Dragon Ball movie and the rebirth of everyone’s favorite Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly. Oh yeah, he’s back and in a major way. 

Of course, you already knew that, but what you wanted was a longer trailer. Well, you got it. Thanks to the San Diego Comic-Con, a new trailer was released and man does it satisfy.

We got Goku, Vegeta and a sort of other faces that will make an appearance. Oh, and Freiza makes an appearance and gets smacked down as well.With our pair of buddy-buddy Saiyans rocking some really swank AF jackets (I want one!), and there there’s Broly. Front in center, angry, yelling left and right, and ready to mess up some faces. Yet, he’s not the same Broly we all remember and he won’t be. He’s been given a new design, and possibly a new backstory. 

And now you can enjoy that trailer, thanks to IGN. Seems they’re the only place that has the trailer in English right now.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly releases in theaters for Japan in December 2018. After which it will make its way West and will be available in select North American theaters. As to which ones, well we don’t know that just yet.

Can I please buy a ticket this, like now? Someone? Anyone?

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