Racist; Homophobic Slurs Will Now Lead to Instant Bans in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbox Six Siege

Ubisoft’s Rainbox Six Siege

It’s no little-known fact that there are a lot of toxic gamers out there. We’re seeing it more each day, and a lot of people, including developers, who worked on those games are fed up with it. However, some are going that extra step in combating that sort of behavior in their games. One such example of this is Ubisoft’s new chat filter that is instantly banning those who use toxic language in Rainbow Six Siege

Mind you, these aren’t permanent bans. Instead, they are rolling infractions that can lead to a permanent ban. The first ban lasts for 27 minutes, while the 2nd and 3rd offense are 2 hours. After the 3rd offense, your account is flagged and will be investigated by Ubisoft. It’s then that you could possibly face a permanent ban. This is all spelled out on their Code of Conduct page. The upside to this is that the only way around this is to disable chat altogether. The downside, it only applies to chat, so voice communication can still be affected.

So far, several gamers have been banned from using the new filter. So have even taken to Twitter to state how frustrated they are about this. With Ubisoft not shedding any tears over the complaints. Craig Robinson, the Community Developer for Rainbow Six had this to say on the matter.

Someone, please applaud this man. If you’re mad at the fact you can’t be a complete ass to someone, then perhaps you shouldn’t be partaking in that chat. Or playing the game for that matter.

Ubisoft had been working on this chat filter for some time, but only recently put it into play. So now, they’ll be actively combating those who choose to act like they have no sense. Harassing and threatening those who just want to play R6: Seige and have a good time. I can only imagine how long it took Ubisoft to implement this feature. Yet, I’m glad that it’s finally available and doing what it’s meant to do.

Now if only this could be somehow transplanted into other games, that would be a godsend. The toxicity isn’t isolated to R6: Siege alone and just about every online game is affected by this. However, at the very least, Ubisoft has a way to stop the madness in their own titles. And that’s a good start.

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